I have been to many festivals all over the world and also grew up in a very welcoming dance community but NEVER have I felt such deep connection and absolute FREEDOM and JOY! I was so healed & activated, and made so many heart connections! All my dreams came true in this festival. Being able to fully release and be in my Divine Feminine and calling in my new soul family was incredible!!! I AM so appreciative of Eldora & Siman, the Office of Christ, and all of the beacons of Light that joined in person and virtually. Absolute perfection!!! ❤️

– Jill C, New Earth Music Festival 
TULUM, May 2022

These were the best 5 days of my life spent with Soul family!! I am full of gratitude for all the love I received over the past few days from everyone. It was an experience I will never forget and I want MORE! I am full of love and it is all I am breathing now. Thank you Eldora and Siman for hosting the event of a lifetime and for being such bright lights in my life. I felt so much joy listening to and absorbing the love from both of you. Thank you!!!

– Rose, New Earth Music festival
TULUM, May 2022

My entire family has experienced healing through the House of Ra New Earth Festival! My daughter and partner didn’t attend the event physically but they both experienced HUGE shifts and breakthroughs while I was there. I felt my reality SHIFTING right before my eyes. I feel so much lighter than before. I am attracting so much magic already💫 My abundance is EXPLODING! I am so so grateful for EldoRa and Siman and every single person I met at the event! I have never felt more held, more accepted or more loved in my entire life❤️

– Geraldine, New Earth Music Festival
TULUM, May 2022

I have never felt so much love and bliss from so many people. This entire event has been so deeply meaningful and will always hold a special place in my heart. I have so much gratitude for all of the spiritual growth we have all gone through. So many breakthroughs! The visions I received during the healings are like NOTHING I have ever felt or experienced ever before. Thank you EldoRa and SimanRa for raising us all up.

– Trevor, New Earth Music Festival
TULUM, May 2022

This event was a game changer 🔥I went in with no expectations but to bask in the goodness of your divine connection. What you shared with us – so much knowledge and love, not to mention how much FUN it was… was an experience I will NEVER forget. I am so grateful for you, EldoRa and Siman, all of our guides and our beautiful soul family this experience was truly priceless❤️

– Susan, New Earth Music Festival
TULUM, May 2022

I experienced so many breakthroughs in TULUM and deep deep healing beyond words. I integrated my inner child fully and healed my abandonment childhood issues. I even healed some past life lineage traumas. I have such love and deep sincere gratitude for you both, EldoRa and Siman❤️ Thank you for answering the call to help guide us and direct us to our highest path and setting the stage for New Earth.

Amunta Sunna, New Earth Music Festival TULUM, May 2022

Since the New Earth Festival, Tulum, I have released SO much repressed emotion and deep SHAME.

No more hanging my head low, trying to be invisible or playing small. My body no longer carries all the sexual trauma that never belonged to me anyways!!!! 

I let go and let God in. I am tantrically  orgasming with life and my Beloved!!!! 🕊🔥😻

Releasing the  pain was so deep at times and I thought I was losing my mind. All I could do was chant, dance and stick out of tongue with rage. All that kept me going was remembering all of your EYES and the deep connection we share.

Remembering when Eldora Rose lay next to me. I froze. Her one tear shed on my arm helped me remember who the F*** I am and helped give me the courage to MEGA purge. I have never been so intoxicated by a woman until you laid next to me EldoRa. But now I can say I am equally intoxicated by my very OWN being 😻.

Chris – when you spoke & shared his deep grief how men have sexually violated women, your words gave me the strength to move when I felt I couldn’t any longer. 

Thank you ALL. I love you from the depths of my being!

– Megan Larson, New Earth Music Festival TULUM, May 2022