House of RA Terms and Conditions

All transactions on the House of Ra website will be in USD 

All sales are FINAL and Non-Refundable, regardless of payment plan completion. 

All House of Ra tickets are fully transferable to another guest.

If tickets are transferred to another guest, you are responsible for providing us with the full name and email of the individual you are transferring the ticket to. 

All House Of Ra events are 100% sober and fully substance-free. Failure to abide by these rules could result in removal from the New Earth Music Festival.  

Tickets include all activities outlined in the program. 

*Flights, Accommodation, Meals, airport transfers, etc, are extra.

Suggested Arrival Date into Dubronvik, Croatia is December 28th between noon and 3 pm. This is so you can settle down and energetically prepare for the transformational experience that lies ahead.

In order to maintain the sacredness of this container and avoid chaotic energies coming in and out, we are MANDATING that all participants reside at the Palace (and not elsewhere) using the PRIVATE BOOKING LINK you will be provided upon completion of your ticket purchase. 

This event is suitable for ages 7Y and up. Children must be accompanied by an adult guardian who also has a ticket to the Festival. Children younger than 7Y are too young for the New Earth Music Festival and entry is NOT permitted.Guardians will have to ensure that their children are not disturbing the program and will be asked to escort their children out if they are causing disturbances to the program.Please be mindful and ensure that your children are a good fit for this Festival before deciding to bring them.

The supplement price for children will NOT show upon checkout on the Palace Hotel website. You will be contacted by the hotel after booking with the additional rates for children based on their ages: 

-Supplement for child 7-12 years is 80 Eur per day (includes 3 meals per day)

-Supplement for 3rd adult (or child from +12 years) is 100 EUR per day (includes 3 meals per day).

If you choose to book a double room, there MUST be at least 2 “House of Ra ticketed guests” per room. You are expected to coordinate with a roommate of your choice and ALL guests in your room must be a participant of the House of RA event. 

We will create a Telegram link for Croatia New Earth Festival Guests where you can coordinate room-shares etc. We are NOT responsible for pairing you up, but you may do so yourself with a guest of your choice from this group. 

In case your chosen room-mate backs out of their agreement to share the room with you, you are responsible to find a replacement partner to share the room with. In the unlikely event that you have booked a double room and are not able to find a partner to share with, you are fully responsible to cover the entire cost of the double room on your own. 

By purchasing a ticket, you confirm that you are ok being photographed and videoed in a group or individual setting, and that you RELEASE ALL RIGHTS to photos or videos which may be used for advertising purposes by House of Ra and/ or EldoRa & Siman. If you wish NOT to be photographed/ Videographed, you are responsible to ensure you will stay OUT of the videographer/photographer’s area(s). 

Guest incidental charges will not be covered by House Of Ra and will be charged to guests directly. 

Liability Waiver: I agree to this release of claims, waiver of liability and assumption of risks. On behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, successors, administers and assigns and any other person who may have an interest at common law or by operation of statute, I herby release and forever discharge “House of Ra”, “New Earth Music festival”, Eldora and Siman, and any and all staff members or partners, affiliates, representatives, agents, and anyone claiming capacities of any type of association from any and all claims, injuries, death, liabilities, obligations, promises, agreements, disputes, demands, damages, or loss of any nature suffered by me as a result of participation in any activity during this event, known and unknown. I take FULL responsibility for myself, my actions, and my words.